3-OSS-UK (002)

School, reading, mathematic and class dogs

In 2009 a Library called me if I would start a reading dog program here in Denmark and of cause I would do that. That was the first time in Denmark where dogs proved what and how deep they could support in all kind of School situations

My dog opened two boys and helped them finding the joy of reading a book.

That led to another reading program again the year after which also turned out as a huge success.

We started the reading dog programs in schools and developed it into training dogs to support in all kind of different class situations in schools.

The dogs and handlers are educated to be able to deal with all kind of situations that possible can happened in a school, both with the children and the teachers.

Dogs and handlers have a 2-year long education.

The handlers are educated to read any signal children send in different situations and make sure that both dogs and children have optimal positive experience.

The present of a dog in a classroom has a calming effect on children because the dog is calm and loving to all the children.

So a very restless and noisy class, can turn into a calm and quiet class y having a dog present

When the dog senses that a child needs him/her, she will go to the child and offer his/her support in touching the child by putting his nose or head on the child’s lap or leg or sometimes just lay down beside the child showing he/she is there for the child.

That dogs present lowers the child’s stress level and increases the ability to focus on whatever the child is working with.

We also see that children get in touch with themselves in another way. The dog evokes emotions the child the child have a hard time to show or doesn’t know how to show.

We have seen children improve their grades in different subjects in school because of a dogs present during class.

If you want more information on payment or how to get a school dog and handler to visit your school, feel free to contact us, using the info on our contact page.