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1-NDA-ATI (002)

Vibeke Reese

My name is Vibeke Schellerup Reese
I am the founder and owner of North Jutland Animal Behaviour clinic in denmark
and the Animal training International centres.
I started NDA in 1996 and has run my clinic, working with problem dogs as a behaviourist.
through the years, I have specialized my self in animals
signals and communication Mostly dogs.
I am a specialist in dog bodylanguage.
Above that I am also the founder and owner og the
Organisation for PTSD and support dogs of Denmark
I am training dogs for PTSD war  veterans and cicilians.
I also traine service and therapy dogs for all other
kind of mentally and physically sufforing.

Connie Bragenholt



Connie is certified Therapy dog trainer in our Organisation,
and is my “rigth hand” in education classes of terapy dog units
in the Organisation for PTSD and Support Dogs of Denmark.

Gitte Bak Bragenholt



Gitte is the owner and handler of Teis, a certified Reading Dog.
They are the first reading Dog Unit, educated in our organisation.
Right now they are specializing as a hospital, dentist and PTSD dog Unit.





Nathja is a certified Dog Behaviour instructor and my assistent instructor
in classes for Danish Terrier clubs specialized education here at the clinic.



Milena Penkowa is a brain expert and a doctor.
She is in charge for teaching the student about the brain and its funcion in human and dogs.
Vibeke and milena is coworking in giving lessons about how people can bennefif from being
with and working with dogs.
Milena is the author of the book “Dogs & Human Health”




Ditte Pedersen is the “octopus” in our Organisation.
She is funktioning both as cojudge in fitness test for upkomming Therapy and support dogs.
Genneral helper everywhere at the clinic and speeker for students as well as a mentor.
She is the mother of two children, whom were the first children i Denmark using dogs as support at hospital and dentist visits.