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How does a dentist dog help a child or an adult person?

Through some scientific test programs in the states, it has been proven that dogs lowers stress levels in humans, just by their present. Of course only in you are not afraid or have allergy for dogs.

Production and release of the hormone Oxytocin, joy, as well as many other hormones and physiological processes are improved and increased in people when they are in contact with a dog, naturally only if the person feels comfortable with dogs.

We can offer both adults and children to get their own personally support dog connected to join and help them through the challenging experience it is for some, to go to the Dentist.

The dog and handler will be present during the hole visit and treatment.

The dog will take physically contact to the person he is there to
support, from time to time.

The handler is only present to make sure both dog and user have a good
and positive experience, between them.

Can you support everybody?

Yes we can.

If you have a child, a friend or if you self in person doesn’t like to go to the Dentist, no matter why, you just call us and we will arrange a meeting where you, the child or friend, will meet the dogs and we will connect you with the support dog that you feel most comfortable with.

You will then be registered in our registering so you can be sure you always will get “your own” support dog and not another of our support dogs,
each time you call us.

Statistics show that more adult persons than children is very uncomfortable, going to the Dentist but don’t worry. We are here to help and support you with our well trained and educated support dog Units.

Our dogs and handlers has a 2 year long education, specialized into help and support both adults and children. Both dogs and handlers is educated to
handle all situations included both mentally and physically handicapped adults and children.

How to do this?

Just use our contact page and talk to Vibeke. She will set up a meeting so we can match you with the dog you like best.

Sadly we are not there yet where the society pays for our support. Therefore we need to charge you for the support.

Please feel free to call us and ask for the prizes.