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3-OSS-UK (002)

We have supported children for examination at hospitals for getting blood samples taken, scanning of the hart and for normal health examination, and just visiting the hospital to see what it is.

We have supported children at mental evaluations at a psychologist.

Waiting for blood sample taken at Aalborg Hospital


Heart scan at Skejby Hospital


The dogs are Support and therapy dog for a specific child or grown up.

Dogs can and will help children relax during examinations at the hospitals and making it much easier for the doctor to get the correct results during measuring hart conditioning, blood taking, pulse and much more.

Out dogs and handlers are trained to read when the child or adult needs the support and support exactly the way the child or adult needs and wants.

Some needs and wants the dog to touch them physically with the nose, put the head in the lap, or just be there so the child or adult can touch the dog when they want. Others just want the dog to be there to make them feel safe.

Dogs and handlers adjust specific for each person’s desire.

The dog and handler the child or adult will meet when they call for a therapy/support dog will always be the same so the child or adult can get an attachment for “their” therapy/support dog.

Our dogs and handlers are also educated to be able to visit hospitals walking from room to room greeting and visiting the hospitalized children and adults.

That often raises up the spirit in the sick so they after the meeting with the dog, can find the strength for another examination. The dog can also join the examination if desired.

If a hospital, is interested in getting a therapy/support dog attached their hospital, please do not hesitate to call Vibeke Sch. Reese for prices and the practically arrangements for such a dog and handler to come.

If you as a parent/adult are interested in giving your child or your self the chance to experience the joy of a trained support dog to visit at the hospital or to join into an examination, don not hesitate but feel free to call Vibeke Sch. Reese for prices and practically arrangement.