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Reese Preventive Training Method – RPTM

What is RPTM?

RPTM concept Reese Preventive Training Method

By Vibeke Sch. Reese, KPA Certified Training Partner. Assistant Certified Dog Trainer

RPTM is based on the contact and communication between dog and owner.
Concepts are built around reading and understanding the dog’s body language and facial gestures in minute details, which allows you to react immediately and correctly in relation tothe given signals and in this way prevent a negative / excitable reaction from the dog.

About Vibeke Sch. Reese

In her quality as a trained animal keeper in a zoo, studied wolves for many years, and worked as an specialist trainer and behavior consultant for dogs and other species Vibeke has over the years developed the concept. Her work in training other species has taught her the importance of being able to read animals’ small signals and to read them fast, both to prevent a possible, launch from the animal and to help the animal if that is needed.
This technique allso offers the opportunity to enhance and strengthen communication with animals, here by the dog.
Once you have learned to understand the importance of the signals and understand them, you can therefore prevent many situations from developing, into an undesired reaction. .
Vibeke quickly learnt the importance of reading bodylanguage when she trained and worked with lions and tigers .

If the owners learn to see the little signals that tell the dog is on the way to react, whether it is a negative or happy reaction, many situations can be prevented.

Vibeke Reese

KPA Certified Training Partner

Can you read the Signals

Learning to see what the dog says, can prevent many bad situations.

Most people know how a scared dog, an insecure dog or a mad dog looks and acts.
If the owners learn to see the little signals that tell the dog is on the way to react, whether it is a negative or happy reaction, many situations can be prevented.

It lowers both the dog and the owner’s stress level.
The dog’s stress level is lowered by knowing that his owner understands him and respond to help him when he needs it. The dog feels comfortable knowing the communication between him and his owner is in order.
Many dogs are stated as “aggressive” because they launches at other dogs, snarres at people or mark bites after dogs or people. And all they actually needs, is help to deal with a situation they cant handle them selv.
The owner doesnt react upon the dogs submitive signals because he doesnt see and understand the dogs signals so the dog feels pressed to show aggression to prevent the other dog from comming any nearer.
Learning to see what the dog says and how to reackt and what to do, can prevent many bad situations.

The owner’s stress level is lowered because he has learned to read the dog and can prevent unpleasant situations and are confident in their own ability to control the various situations they come in with their dog.

  • The owners doesnt stress because he knows how to calm his dog in situations where the dog is affraid, unsecure, or anxius because he has learned to recognize the different signs his dog shows and therefor he relaxes moore.

To be able to prevent a situation and recognize the different signals of the dog to increase the contact between dog and owner, it requires that the owner learns about the dog’s facial expressions and body language in general and through the knowledge learn to interpret their dog’s personal signals and reaction pattern .