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Reese Preventive Training Method – RPTM

Uddannelse af Servicehunde og førere

We educate people together with their dog.

First you and your dog must pass the Suitability Test for therapy dog and owner or handler, depending if you are supposed to be educated as one of our outgoing therapy dog Units or you need the dog to be educated as your private therapy dog.

Next step is you and your dog will start into a class with students, both dogs and people.

All students needs to get the same theoretically education, the different in the education is the practically work with the dogs.

The training of the dogs is naturally different if the dog is being trained as a PTSd dog for war veterans or civilian PTSD victims.

Hospital/doctor Dogs

School Dogs, both for regular schools but also for Schools for extra sensitive children with a diagnosis or trauma of any kind.

Reading Dogs

Dentist Dogs

Court Dogs

All Dogs and students are educated in the RPTm system, which Vibeke Sch. Reese has developed through years.

RPTM system is based upon mutual understanding, respect and cooperation between dog and owner/handler.

NO dog of ours will ever be lent out for working as a support dog anywhere without the handler

The handler (the owner) and dog whom are trained as a Unit and will always be working together on a job.

The education here is as basic 2 years for dog and owner. Some can take longer, depending if the dog and handler needs it or wants to go deeper into something.

Sorry, we do not run a Dog obedient school or educations as a trainer or behaviorist.

The RPTM dog trainers we train are handpicked from other countries and are foreigners that are Dog interested people.

We educate them so they are equipped to spread knowledge and understanding of dogs and RPTM system in their homeland.

If you are interested in finding out whether you are in one of the categories, we train and educate, please do not hesitate but feel free to contact Vibeke Sch. Reese with your questions.